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Medieval Farming and Technology PDF
By:Grenville G. Astill,John Langdon
Published on 1997 by BRILL

This is the first of three planned volumes which deal with the techniques and technology of agriculture in Europe in the period from 600 A.D. down to the 17th century. The focus of this first volume is Scandinavia, the British Isles, Northern Germany, the Low Countries and Northern France. The volume discusses methodological approaches and their limitations, the development of medieval agriculture in terms of the transmission of technological ideas, improvements in productivity, regional variations, social responses to agricultural technology, and those common trends that unite the Northwest European region.The volume integrates material derived from the great advances made in medieval archaeology and the historical study of landscapes during the past 30 years and has a supranational character. It will be of interest to all those working on the social, economic and political history of Northwest Europe in the medieval and early modern periods as well as to those undertaking research in the specific field of the history of technology.Technology and Change in HistoryThis new series of scholarly surveys is intended to offer an updating of the discussion of questions regarding the nature of technology and technological change first broached in the nine-volume survey by R. Forbes: Studies in Ancient Technology. The series will however take in not only the original scope of Forbes’ work, namely the Ancient Near East and the Greco-Roman world, but will extend beyond this to cover the medieval and early modern periods.7The volumes in the series will be in English, of 300-800 pp., divided into 10-15 topical chapters and aim to present to scholars, graduate students and to non-specialist scholars the current state of knowledge in the various fields in the history of technology. They collect, assimilate and present facts, opinion, sources, and literature in the accessible way that Forbes did, but will also identify issues that have not been plainly addressed and will in doing so indicate where the field might profitably be going.Including notes and numerous illustrations, the volumes address questions of a primarily historical nature, such as: 1. what technological options were open to peoples at different times and different places? 2. what options did they choose and why? 3. what impact did this have on their contemporaries and successors (and on their technological choices)?Questions and problems more proper to political, social and economic history will also be touched upon, but the starting point and focus of this new series is the history of technology.Volumes planned in the series include:R.J. Curtis: Food Technology in Antiquity (1999)M.-C. Deprez-Masson and N.J. Mayhew (eds.): Metal Technology: 600-1800 A.D. (2001)P. Squatriti (ed.): Medieval Hydrotechnology (2001)O. Wikander (ed.): Ancient Water Technology (1998)G.R.H. Wright: Ancient Building Technology (1999)J. Langdon and G. Astill (eds.): Agrarian Technology in the Middle Ages: Northwest Europe (1996)

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Download Medieval Farming and Technology PDF Free

Download Medieval Farming and Technology Books Free

Download Medieval Farming and Technology Free

Download Medieval Farming and Technology PDF

Download Medieval Farming and Technology Books

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