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Technology and Industrial Progress PDF
By:G. N. Von Tunzelmann
Published on 1995-01-01 by Edward Elgar Publishing

What has dictated the rate and direction of technological change? How central has it been to industrial progress? How has it related to other determinants of economic growth and development? In Technology and Industrial Progress, Dr von Tunzelmann examines theoretical views on the nature and contribution of technology, and the empirical evidence from the major industrializing countries from the 18th century to the present day. The experiences of countries regarded in their time as the leaders of industrialization – Britain in the 18th century, the United States in the 19th century and Japan in the 20th century – are critically compared by the author. The following chapters study the transfer of each of these patterns of technology and growth to later industrializers, such as continental Europe, the Soviet Union, and today’s newly industrializing countries. Adopting approaches drawn from evolutionary economics, Dr von Tunzelmann links micro-level phenomena relating to individual firms and technologies to macro-level outcomes as reflected in economic growth and development. This long-awaited book is exceptional both in the range of countries surveyed and the breadth of topics analysed, encompassing changes in production processes, products and marketing, management and finance.

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Download Technology and Industrial Progress PDF Free

Download Technology and Industrial Progress Books Free

Download Technology and Industrial Progress Free

Download Technology and Industrial Progress PDF

Download Technology and Industrial Progress Books

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